‘Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.’ Pablo Picasso

We are strong believers in the impact of Art and Design at Illogan School, as part of a broad and balanced curriculum. Art provides our pupils with the opportunity to express their individual interests and ideas, whilst also contributing to the development of the child emotionally, aesthetically, spiritually, intellectually and socially which ultimately embodies our Illogan values of Aspire, Believe, Create and Dazzle.

High quality art education equips children with the skills to explore, experiment, create and invent their own work of art whilst engaging, inspiring and challenging pupils. As artists, we wish to encourage our children to be able to critically evaluate their work and the work of others, taking influence from well-known artists and adapting their work accordingly. As their skill set progresses, they should understand how art has changed and shaped their landscape, culture and history.

We aim to:

• Enable children to record from first-hand experience and from imagination, and to select their own ideas to use in their work

• Support and encourage each child to achieve their creative potential in both two and three dimensional work, working on a variety of scales

• Develop the children’s knowledge of materials by allowing them to experiment freely and to encourage them to use materials sensibly and safely

• Ensure the children learn a range of pertinent skills so that they develop an expertise in using both materials and equipment and so enable the realisation of their ideas

• Explore with children ideas and meanings in the work of artists, craft people and designers and help them learn about their different roles and about the functions of art, craft and design in their own lives and in different times and cultures

• Foster an enjoyment and appreciation of the visual arts and a knowledge of artists, craftspeople and designers

• Encourage pupils to appreciate the beauty, order and precision that is found, naturally and man-made, in our world

How do we teach Art at Illogan?

At Illogan we follow the guidance of the National Curriculum, where Art is a compulsory subject in Key Stage 1 and 2, with Statutory Programmes of Study. In Key Stage One, there are four art projects taught across each year. During Key Stage Two, art is taught weekly, with six different projects being completed in total in each year group. Where possible, these are linked to the children’s project work in either Geography or History, if a significant link can be made.

Below is our ‘Heart of Art at Illogan’ document:

The Illogan Art Heart

Please see the link below for an overview of our Art and Design curriculum across the school:

Art knowledge and skills progression
Below is our strategy for supporting all pupils during our art lessons:


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Our Art subject leader is Mrs J Bright (Deputy Head).