‘The study of geography is more than just memorizing places on a map.  It’s about understanding the complexities of our world, appreciating the diversity of cultures that exists across continents. And in the end, it’s about all that knowledge to help bridge divides and bring people together.’

Barack Obama

In geography lessons children develop curiosity about the world around them, from local to global. They develop the skills with which to effectively communicate their opinions, ideas and knowledge, especially around key topics such as the responsibility we have towards the planet. The children develop their sense of responsibility by exploring the ways in which humans impact the world and developing an awareness of actions that can be taken to influence this, for example the importance of developing a future that is sustainable.

Through the studying of geography children will develop a deeper understanding of themselves and others, and a sense of community. They will see how societies are organised and shaped by people’s values and actions, and how communities can live and work together. Children consider the diversity of people and cultures within and across communities.

We aim to:

  • Enable children to develop their knowledge of location and place
  • Enable children to understand human and physical features, and have an awareness of how these influence how humans interact with the world
  • Develop children’s understanding of the impact humans are having on the environment and wider world
  • Develop topic specific vocabulary and ability to communicate ideas effectively
  • Develop understanding of local geography
  • Foster a sense of pride and identity through local geographical knowledge
  • Develop understanding of the geography of the wider world
  • Develop the skills to compare and contrast different locations around the world
  • Ensure children have the skills to access maps, atlases and other navigation resources
  • Link our geographical knowledge with historical understanding to think about changes over time and to predict future events
  • Have plenty of opportunities for children to experience and develop their fieldwork skills

Below is an overview of our Geography curriculum across the school:

Geography Knowledge and Skills Overview

Geography Overview

How do we teach Geography at Illogan?

We follow the National Curriculum, adding and enhancing learning opportunities where they arise to maximise the development of cultural capital. Our curriculum aims to create well informed individuals. In Geography this means that pupils will have a deep understanding of the area around them, and will develop a broad understanding of places around the world, where they are and what it is like to live there. They will have an understanding of human and physical features and the impact these have on how humans interact with the world, as well as considering the impact that people have on the planet. This learning will be embedded and enhanced by first hand experiences, trips and visits.

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Our Geography leader is Mrs Dawn Aytoun.