School Aims and Vision

We value the well being of our school community above all else. By holding true to this value our aim is to develop happy learners. As a group committed to learning we believe that through a ‘can do’ culture, high aspiration and expectation, we can all reach our potential. We understand that to face the challenges of the 21st century we need to embrace imagination & creativity and celebrate our achievements. We acknowledge that it is our responsibility to contribute to the wider community. In this, and in everything we do, we include everyone, regardless of differences in race, ability, gender or beliefs. As a result, racism and racist attitudes, either exhibited by staff, pupils or parents are considered to be totally unacceptable.

Equal Opportunities

The school has a firm commitment to offering equal opportunities to all children in all areas of the curriculum, regardless of gender, physical disability or background. Our policies are summarised in the school’s ‘Equality Information’ which is available on our policies page.